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Pearl Jam Fans Unite! Let's have a Pearl Jam residency at historic Forest Hills ! Amazing venue! SHOW DATE TBA


We are raising funds for a fan funded PJ show(s) at Forest Hills Tennis Center. A historic venue in Queens, NY, this would be a unforgettable evening(s) for the band, the fans, the crew and NYC. We have the support of several PJ groups on FB and Twitter and will give our proposal to Pearl Jam management no later than 1/2015.

We will be contacting the press and local politicians to make this happen. If The Beatles, The Who and Dylan can play Forest Hills why not add legendary Pearl Jam to the mix? 

Why not try? I'm sure my fellow 10 clubbers would agree! 

This is an extremely unique, historic venue and we think that the band would love playing here and it will be a show to tell future generations. We encourage all feedback and can use all the help we can get to make this a reality! 

Forest Hills is a historic venue, a great place to live, it deserves to be put on the map again. Pearl Jam is the best band on the planet to do it!

The plan is simple Pearl Jam fans. If we get the numbers , let's talk to the band and see what we can do. Worst case is that they say no.



When is my card charged?

If this campaign is successfully funded, your card will be charged when we reach the tilt amount of $1,000,000. If the project does not reach the tilt amount of $1,000,000, your card is never charged.
Can I cancel a pledge?
By pledging, you are committing to support the project; canceling that commitment is discouraged. If you must cancel, please contact us immediately and your pledge will be cancelled.
What if the band doesn't agree to do the crowdfunded show?
We will cancel the project immediately and your money will be refunded - what is there to lose? - Nothing! This is an all or nothing project, it either happens or it doesn't.
What if the band do agree to a crowd funded show?
We will work closely with the management company to make sure everything is arranged and you don't have to worry about a thing. As long as they have said yes, you have a ticket - the date will be confirmed in due course.
When will I know the date of the concert?
Once the project is successful, all further information will be released in due course. You will have secured your ticket so just sit back and relax. If you are unable to make the arranged date, let us know and we will resell your ticket at face value.
What can I expect from the concert if it is successful?
PJ Live in a historic venue! I don't think we need to explain what that could mean!
Why Forest Hills?
Forest Hills offers many conveniences and is extremely close to all mass transportation. It is in a safe amazing area that looks like London England! The venue is historic and some of the bands heroes have played there! This could be amazing! It's time to put this place back on the map as a premier venue. It has gone in disrepair for far too long.
We want PJ, we want another historic destination show, we want it soon!
Where are my seats?
We will be doing tickets in a lottery. 10C or otherwise. Senority does not apply, we are all fans here!
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